Free Meditation – Burnside

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You can be a complete beginner or an experienced meditator wishing to gain more experiences and learn different styles of meditation.

We have a circle of seats and you can choose to lie down on a yoga mat for deep relaxation, or remain in your chair. Feel free to bring along whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can chat and share or remain quiet, it is up to you.

You will experience many ways to go into a relaxed, meditative state of being. Sabine will draw on her background of 30 years to teaching meditation, of being a yoga teacher for 10 years, and her background in medical science, quantum physics, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and sound healing.

1 hour group session or private sessions.  Workshops vary from 2-4 hours. It depends on the client’s needs.

If you wish to know more about what I offer feel free to check:


When I am not running free classes, I teach kundalini yoga, breath work, meditation and am a women’s lifestyle coach!

I am a NLP /timeline Master practitioner and a hypnotherapy practitioner, offering workshops and private sessions. In joy, Sabine

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