Young Carers Connect 18 – 25 Years

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Young Carers Connect (YCC) is a safe online space for young carers aged 18-25 to engage and find support.

Join us for a series of fortnightly YCC sessions facilitated by Relationships Australia in partnership with the Young Carers Team at Carers Australia.

Young Carers Connect is all about meeting others in a caring role.

This space has been created for you.

Share ideas, topics and activities.

Step 1:

To register, email with the following advising you would like to participate:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • contact number and
  • postcode
  • Once registered, reply to our fortnightly reminder email confirming your attendance.

Step 2:

On the day, join us on Zoom here.

Please ensure you check the correct time for your state.

Meeting ID: 948 5258 8103