Caring for my mum

I am 16 years old and I look after my mum. Since we live by ourselves I have to look after her because of her medical conditions which can be hard to do so being able to go out with young carers is helpful by taking away all the stress I have.

Being around other kids who are going through the same things as I go through is a great help plus I get to hang out with the kids and go on activities and camps and enjoy having some time to chill.

Young carers also helped me stay at school so I can still learn and get an education which has also helped in out of school activities. I’ve also had help in reaching my goal of getting my driver’s license and help with driving lessons. I’m looking forward to being able to drive my mum around to her appointments and to do the shopping.

I enjoy caring for my mum. It made me learn responsibilities quicker and helped me find my passion for cooking. I now get to study hospitality next year at school and my goal is to be a chef. I did a cooking class with my young carers team, it went for 5 weeks and was really fun, I learnt a lot at the class.

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