He is my brother

Hi I was 5 years old when my brother was born and about a year and a half later he was diagnosed with autism.

My parents picked up when my brother was very young that there was something different about him. Because my brother was different, my life was different also.

I was teased and bullied in primary school.
Dragged from one therapy appointment to another, with up to 10 appointments each week.
More chores at home than my friends.
Look after him, sometimes I get him dressed, help get his breakfast, and make dinner.
I felt that life revolved around my brother and in the early days, for a 6 and 7 year old, it was hard.

But sometimes he is like every other brother. He likes to annoy me, take my stuff and call me silly names. There are times we play together and its loads of fun.

Other times it’s a bit tougher, like the time he ran out of the house to look at the neighbour’s Christmas lights.

There have been times where I was the only one that could calm him down by pushing him on the swing and giving him high 5’s.

I am 16 now so we have been around each other for over a decade. He is my brother and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

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