It can be hard

I was sick and couldn’t go to school, she wouldn’t know why because no one in the house had been sick, in 2015 I was told I have anxiety and a high stress rate.

When I started getting older, I had a friend that would occasionally pick me up. My mum has less bad days, but she still does have days she grieves the loss of her two sons. I grieve the loss of my brothers. It’s hard to try to pick someone up and give a positive message when you’re struggling yourself. I can’t stand to see my mum down and out, so I do my best to brush off my emotions and help her through her days.

Don’t get me wrong my mum is a great mother. She does so much for both me and my brothers. But when someone lives with depression they can’t control their emotions, they can’t control when they have meltdown episodes. So that’s why I’m here to keep my mum on her feet and keep my brother happy. My mum is amazing, sometimes you would not even believe she has a mental illness and other times you think to yourself ‘she’s really not happy today’.

At the end of the day, I’m happy and I know that at this moment in time so are my mum and brother. Over the last two years I have been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend and his family. Now I’m living in a granny flat with my boyfriend on my mum and brothers’ property. I have my own space but I’m also there to help. I walk up to the house every morning at 8am to wake my mum up. The it is time to get my brother ready, I cook dinner some nights for all 4 of us and we sit down to eat together.

My story is a bit blurred and probably explained out of order. I hope you can make sense of it when taking the time to read it.

Being a young carer is hard and I just want to say to all you Young Carers out there, well done! I’m proud of you.

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