My mum and I

Hi I’m Dylan, I’m 12 and my mum and myself have a dual carer role. Both my mum and I experience mental health issues.
I have grown up with the best mum in the world even though she has her struggles and I have to pitch in more than your average kid she always shows me love.
She loves watching me draw and I’m getting quite good, that’s what I do to chill out after a busy day.

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I am 13

Hi, my name is Natalie and I live in Victoria. I am 13 years old. I am a young carer for my younger sister and Mum. Some of the things I do as a young carer are are packing lunches, making food, getting my little sister dressed. Then I go to school. Me and my […]
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Writing music

Hey, my name is Daphne and I’m 16. I want to write music that people can connect with and feel but also be able to dance and move along to. My mother requires care because she has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which affects her nervous system but mainly her legs.  I have been her carer for […]
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My brother is my best friend

My name is Emily, I am 25 years old and I care for my older brother Jamie. Jamie was born with a genetic condition called xxyy48, which impacts him physically and intellectually. Jamie and I have always been close. I understand him really well when most others don’t. Jamie has lived with me for around […]
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