Hey there! My name is Jess, I am based in NSW, I’m 15 and I have been a young carer for all my life 🙂 I have a strong passion for music and love playing the guitar. I also love gaming.

My Mum was a few months pregnant with me when my Dad had the accident, skiing. He was out for the weekend when he slipped on the ice, fell, and broke the top two vertebrae in his spine leaving him a quadriplegic.

My entire life I have grown up with helping out my Dad and making day to day life as easy as possible, whether this means daily meals or helping out around the house I am always there to help out. My Dad and myself get along extremely well, our relationship is super strong, unbreakable. It’s just Dad and I at home now but we handle it and get through.

Sometimes as an only child it becomes semi challenging to juggle school, social and family life, especially moving from each parent’s home but with the support I receive from my parents and the assurance that Dad will be fine whilst I’m gone, I get through.

My Dad has the best personality and is always in high spirits, we are constantly having great laughs and making new memories. Hardly ever a dull moment between us. Just like many other carers and young carers, it’s not a job or a chore to look after people, we do it out of genuine love 🙂

Being a young carer has literally been a part of me forever, and because of this I’ve gained independence and experience in helping others.

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