But you may worry they won't listen.

‘They didn’t get I helped mum. I had to speak up a few times before they would listen. They seemed surprised when I knew the names of her medications.’

Start by talking in a calm way.

‘Try to calm your emotions. Often half the battle is showing that you’re a mature person. Find a way to educate the doctors and nurses that doesn’t get you angry or annoyed.’

And practice conversations.

‘I’m less emotional with doctors and nurses if I practice talking to them. It’s now much easier to tell them how it’s important to include me conversations about my uncle.’

But don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.

‘I’ve learned to be confident in what I have to say. I told the doctor “Look. I’m her carer. I live with her at home and this isn’t working”.’

Find someone to help if needed.

‘Can you find someone to help you talk to the doctors? That could be hard if it’s an emergency. Try to find someone to go with you if you know there’s an appointment coming up.’

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