How it helped me

Moreland City, VIC

I am a young carer for my mum who has mental health issues, grandma who has a number of medical issues and two young brothers with autism.

Receiving the bursary greatly helped me achieve my goal of completing year 12, it paid for my school fees, books and a myki card. I truly do not believe that I would of graduated without the bursary.

I got to use it on a variety of other things such as food for the family as everyone has multiple dietary requirements so it can get very expensive.  I also used it also on medications.

I graduated year 12, this has been a life long dream of mine as I have spent many days/weeks away from school to care for my family. I even got to attend the award ceremony which made me so proud of my journey.

In 2019 I had the opportunity to share my story at Parliament House. I will truly hold it with me that my story has helped to educate someone and made another young carer not feel alone.