City of South Perth, WA

My older sister was diagnosed with an Eating Disorder, Anorexia in 2016 and now suffers from anxiety. I was in year 6 when she was diagnosed, I am now in year 10.

My parents both lost money by not being able to work while my sister was very sick and so the bursary helped them to be able to buy me a really good MacBook for school, and a good cover and bag for it. I also grew a lot last year and so it helped me get all new uniforms that fit me and will last me a few more years. I was also able to go to the outdoor movies with my family and we enjoyed popcorn and ice creams! It took away a lot of stress for my parents and helped not just me.

It made me feel really happy and grateful that my role of being a carer for my sister could be recognised and acknowledged. It helped my parents to be able to buy me a laptop for school and more uniforms for school. It made me know that I was cared about and helped me to feel important.