Ambitions to help

I am 17 years old and I have been a young carer for most of my life. I currently care for my brother and father with the help of my mother and older brother.

It started with my younger brother who was diagnosed with autism. As we are only a year apart I help him at school when my family isn’t around. After two car accidents and spinal surgery gone wrong, my father went into a wheelchair permanently as a quadriplegic. This is when I officially took the title as a young carer.

Life isn’t always easy caring for two people but I do get lots of support from my mother and older brother. I have so many ambitions for my future and I believe my role as a young carer has made me want them more and work harder. While yes sometimes I fall behind at school or get in a bad state of mind due to my caring role I would not change a thing.

Being a young carer has made me stronger mentally and my goal is to support other young people who are struggling to balance their carer and everyday life as I have. Young carers have potential to do great things as we are naturally caring and wanting to help. I know these are great qualities to have and I don’t know if I would have them if I wasn’t a carer.

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