To help others

Hi. My name is James and I am a young carer. I care for my older brother, who has autism spectrum disorder. My duties usually involve staying around the house with him to keep him entertained and give him company as he has no friends outside of home. I also have to take care of him by making sure he remembers to eat, drink, and take his medicine every day.

Unfortunately, he is quite controlling and mum has lost all control over how the house runs due to giving him a bit of control over the years that has ended up with him being over controlling and using it to his advantage, in a way similar to tyranny.

Luckily I have just finished college and will be moving on to further study next year so I will be able to have a break from my horrible home life. I look to study to be a community worker so I can help other people who are dealing with my situation so that they can have the help they need since I wasn’t given this help throughout my years as a young carer.

I also want to be able to help other people, not just the people with caring roles, but as many people as I can, so that everyone has a fair start to life and can follow their own path.

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