Alisha’s story

My name is Alisha, I am 17 and live in Victoria. One unique thing about me is that I play the violin and I am a scout.

I have been caring for my brother for 10 years. My brother requires care because he has autism. I have to care for my brother because I live with him and I am the eldest of 6 children. My dad works full time, so we don’t get to see him. And my mum also has a medical condition.

My responsibilities include helping with my other 4 younger siblings. By feeding, and entertaining them. However, I also have to miss out on things. Because I am scared to leave them all behind. Just like me I’d imagine other young carers would also have to do many more house chores.

A good day caring for my brother looks like, no meltdowns, it’s calm and everyone is happy. Being away from my brother makes me feel anxious.

Being a carer has changed my life because it has taught me life is what we have and making it how we want it may sometimes not happen. Because of my caring role I am unable to participate in scout things as much as my friends can. Being a carer has taught me to love what I have.

I would cope better with my caring role if I could have more time to myself. And to be able to do homework without anyone coming to me and asking me to help them with something.

I would like others to realise that you just need to look for the bright side when you are feeling down. And things can always get better. My piece of advice to my fellow young carers is to just keep it up and that you are all amazing.

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