Love my therapy ponies

Hi, I am Lucinda. I live in country South Australia. I am 16 and care for my sister who has multiple disabilities, including autism and an intellectual disability.

We are home schooled and I love it. I do however have to spend 24/7 with my sister which can be challenging but also rewarding. I help as much as I can with the house hold chores, including cooking and help mum with my sister’s learning. She engages better when I am helping her with learning and mum and I come up with some creative ways to teach her.

My passion and my escape from everything is my two miniature ponies. I love horses and love the connection and relationship you can have with them. They are my therapy and my happy place. I volunteer one day a week at a private horse sanctuary and have been volunteering with horses for several years. I am not into riding so much, but to help horses heal and gain trust again.

I am studying equine psychology as one day I would love to take my two ponies to nursing homes and hospitals as animal assisted therapy. My sister loves the ponies, but she is more into My Little Ponies and she is almost 14. It is only the 4 of us in our little family as we don’t have extended family. I have an elderly Poppy, but Mum has to help care for him too. We rely on each other and have a very close bond.

I wish Young Carer’s were more regarded in the community as they do a lot and go through a lot. Being in the country, I miss out on a lot of Young Carer activities, and I wish there were more funding for carers like myself. If I could share or give some advice to other Young Carer’s, it would be that you are not alone and life can be challenging, but never give up.

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