Growing up you learn something new every day. Being the oldest child and only girl, it is evident that I should support my family. My dad had a very severe accident at work just under two years ago now. I help him all the time.

It’s sometimes hard for me to juggle all this and study. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but knowing I’m helping my dad makes me feel good on the inside. My dad is a very hardworking man, he worked hard his entire life, and unfortunately he got injured at the age of 42.

We sometimes miss out on fun activities due to his injuries, but we always improvise. God is with us. I at times feel so good after helping my dad. I help him with very different things. It brings us closer together.

We get a few giggles out of my dad, and when he worked many hours before his injury, I really didn’t spend much time with him at all and hardly spent any time with him. So positive things have happened since his injury.

I love my dad, he’s fun, got older much earlier than he should have. I try my best to maintain my studies, but sometimes I honestly miss out on study time. But I’m positive always, it’s a good day every day.

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