My mum

My name is Arzu Zaiba Hattam 13 years old.  I am a carer for my mother. She has type 1 diabetes (an Autoimmune disease). Although it may not be a debilitating disease it can still be very difficult for her.

My mum often has to test her blood’s sugar levels and inject herself with insulin. My mother goes through mass amounts of stress and this can be dangerous for her so I must be there to support her by helping out around the house and making sure my siblings are taken care of.

I help mum with her medicines or doing chores around the house. I don’t have to do too much.

I have two younger siblings. They are ten month old and five.  I love each of them to bits but sometimes it can get a bit difficult.  I have to make sure they are not hassling mum, but to be honest they can get a little difficult for me too.

Other stories

Growing up

Hey, my name is John, I’m 16, living in Melbourne and I am a young Carer. I look after my single parent, deaf mum and my little brother, aged 6. Having a deaf mum can be difficult at times, making phone calls, interpreting for her, helping with grammar and English and helping around the house […]
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I live in South Australia

My name is Tahlia, I am 16 and live in South Australia. One unique thing about me is that I’m in year 10 and I have been to 9 different schools. I have been caring for my sister for 3 years. My sister requires care because she was born with a rare genetic syndrome called […]
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Being a young carer

Most people think of young caring as a duty, or responsibility that the carer had no say in. I think of it as much more than that. Not only does it influence your entire life, views, values, and the way you treat people, but it teaches you skills that can only be learned from experience. […]
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