It’s hard work

So I’m a young 14 year old that has been a young carer for 2 years, let me tell you its hard work.

So my mum has spinocerebellaataxia 1 (scar 1) now they limit my mum from doing a lot of things and let me tell you it’s hard for me as I have to wake up every day and see her struggling. It hurts me a lot because I know my mum is in pain 24/7 and I can’t do anything to help.

Now what’s hard as well is that I’m 14 I’m in high school 5 days a week but I’m also enrolled at police rangers so I’m busy doing all of that but I’m also helping mum do what she needs to do, I’m also a daily basis carer.

Now my days go as: wake up, get mum breaky, help her have a shower, get clothes for her, brush her hair and do a little clean up before 7:50 when I leave for my bus to take me to school, come home at around 4:15 and help her with dinner and cleaning, doing chores, sign paperwork, and do much more things.

I make dinner clean up the table and do the dishes and then help mum with shower and then I have a shower, and its usually around 8:00 now, I get myself ready for bed, but its homework time I have a lot of homework, I usually have up to 3 assessments due. so I go to bed around 11:00 and wake up at 7:00 so not as much sleep.

Now being a carer takes up 90% of my life, I dedicate myself to helping mum and seeing her happy, yes its stressful but I try and get through it, my life is filled up with fear of losing my mother and just seeing her upset. But everyday I get through it bit by bit.

Now what hurts the most is going to hospital because mum has fallen or even hurt herself by accident but she had a couple of surgeries and that hurt seeing her in more pain. But mostly all the bad things that happens to her and she is only 41 years old. Her life is limited to most things that most people can do.

I hope that people can relate to my story and see that having someone in their family that has a disability is hard and that we take each day of our life to be the best and that each day is a blessing to have the people you love around you.

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