No such thing as normal

I am a 15 year old carer. I care for my little sister who has autism and my dad who has depression. As well as them I have to take care of myself as I have anxiety.

Since I was little I have grown up teaching my sister many things that most people can do without thinking but I also look after her whilst she has a meltdown. Her meltdown can be as small as her crying or it can be as big as her hitting me or the people around or her trying to run away.

I have always been there for her at school when she gets bullied or when she needs some help with her school work. At home I will be helping her clean her room or she will be teaching me the new skills she learnt to keep herself calm.

There is no such thing as a normal day at my house. On school days I will be helping my mum get my sister, my dad and I ready for school. Everyday I have to help remind my sister to take her medication as this will help her control he moods as well as much more. On the weekends it will be helping mum clean the house or we will be going to the shops or to a friends.

I am thankful to be a young carer as I have had to grow up quickly as well as learned about so many ways to help myself.


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