The Mackay brothers

My name is Dylan, I am 14 and I have 2 younger brothers. Both boys have been diagnosed each with a rare genetic condition. One has congenital myasthenia syndrome, my youngest brother has Muckle Wells syndrome.

Both boys need help and I am grateful for being the big brother they need. Wether it’s helping to carry them, helping mum lift the electric wheelchair in and out of the car, helping mum and dad giving daily injections and learning myself how to do it, hugging them if they feel sad or feel unwell., shielding them from COVID even though it meant isolating as a family, we are a team and together we have to be strong. Really grateful for the young carers network as I know I’m not alone in this and I was able to do some things for myself.

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No such thing as normal

I am a 15 year old carer. I care for my little sister who has autism and my dad who has depression. As well as them I have to take care of myself as I have anxiety. Since I was little I have grown up teaching my sister many things that most people can do […]
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Sophie’s story

Hi! I am Sophie. I am 13 years old and I live in Melbourne Victoria. It’s been 1 year since I have been a young carer for my brother.  I am the oldest of 3 kids in our family.  My brother, was diagnosed with autism when he was 3.5 years old and could not talk […]
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My sister

My name is Beth, and I am 16. One unique thing about me is ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of being able to go to space. Although I’ve never wanted to actually become an astronaut. I have been caring for my older sister for just over 2 and a […]
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