We love music

My name is Billie and I live in Victoria with my brother and my mother. I am a university student, and my brother is 9 and at primary school.

We spend a lot of time together, as I take him to school and pick him up most days outside of my university hours, and I spend a lot of time with him at home.

My brother is wonderfully unique and gorgeous, such a passionate young person, and has followed my love for drumming, music, and films. He is energetic and happy, often speaking in funny lines from his favourite films or inside jokes within the family.

My brother has grown into a curious and inquisitive boy, and cares deeply for his family, noticing when we are sad and wanting to care for us. He questions things he doesn’t know and wants to know more about the world around him.

I love him dearly and there is no person who I care about more, who I understand more or who loves me more than my brother. He is full of so much pure beauty and love and there is the perfect brother for me!

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