What an awesome memory

My name is Ashleigh. I am thirteen years old and my five-year-old sister has autism. I have learned a lot of things from her like what things she needs extra help with. I help her with things like communicating and getting dressed. I do it in a way that seems like a game so that she is having fun but also learning.

A lot of things make her feel uncomfortable. I try to make her feel more comfortable whether that is playing a game with her or taking her outside. She can get upset very easily and I give her comfort toys that she likes to help calm her.

I am still learning to help my sister. I still get frustrated with her sometimes but I am getting to understand her more and more each day. Watching her work hard on her therapy homework encourages me to try harder at things that are hard for me to do.

I think that having a sibling with autism is an experience that teaches you so much. I have realized how talented people with autism are. My sister has an incredible memory. She is good at helping me find things when I don’t know where I left them. I love my sister.

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